Our research projects include the synthesis and characterization of open framework transition metal structures and large metal-containing supramolecular assemblies that have potential for guest uptake (gas storage, molecular sensing), the study of selectivity in organic host-guest systems, and the beneficiation of pharmaceutically relevant materials through the investigation of their polymorphs, solvates, cyclodextrin inclusion complexes and co-crystals.  Solid phases are studied using powder and single crystal X-ray diffraction, thermal analysis (including TGA and DSC) and spectroscopy (FT-IR and solid-state NMR techniques). The thermodynamics of inclusion and complexation processes in solution are investigated by high-resolution spectroscopy and isothermal titration calorimetry.

About Me

Dr. Rajdip Dey
Hello, It’s Me…

Fellow of Indian Chemical Society (FICS)

Member – Royal Society of Chemistry (MRSC)

Assistant Professor (Grade -III) :

a) (From May, 2022 – till date) : Department of Chemistry at Sister Nivedita University (SNU), Kolkata, West Bengal.

Assistant Professor: 

b) (From February, 2019 – April, 2022) : Department of Chemistry at Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University (S.R.M.U), Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

c)  (From March, 2017- January, 2019) : Department of Chemistry at Techno India Main, Salt Lake, Kolkata, West Bengal.

Post Doctoral Fellow:

a) URC-ARG Post-doctoral fellow at University of Cape Town (UCT), South Africa under the guidance of Prof. Susan A Bourne from June 2015 to December 2016.

b) Prestigious Dr. D. S. Kothari Post-doctoral fellow at Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, India under the guidance of Prof. Partha Sarathi Mukherjee from April, 2014 to May, 2015.

Ph.D  (May, 2009 – Feb, 2014) : Doctoral research in the area ofDesigned synthesis and exploration of molecular properties of some metal organic hybridsunder the guidance of Dr. Debajyoti Ghoshal at Jadavpur University, Kolkata.

Life Member:

  • Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA).
  • St. Xavier’s College Alumni Association (SXCAA) (Kolkata Chapter).

Member :

  • American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).
  • University of Cape Town (UCT) Alumni Association.
  • Member of RSC (UK)

Reviewer of PLOS ONE Journal (Impact Factor: 3.752).

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ORCiD : Dr. Rajdip Dey

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Curriculum Vitae

Research Interest

I, Dr. Rajdip Dey, would like to set down the focus of my research interest and career endeavors, and to justify my chosen areas of specialization with reference to my background and experience. I got hooked onto chemistry so much that I decided to embark on a scientific quest and take up chemistry as a main subject in higher studies. When I was in 11th standard, for the first time, I got the taste of Chemistry as my main subject. From that very time, each and every phenomenon in chemistry aroused a sense of curiosity within me. Gradually I realized chemistry is not confined to the shackles of just few textbooks, but it is diffused to our everyday living. During my doctoral research work, I have done several syntheses of metal-organic hybrid materials and successfully characterized those using different analytical techniques. Already, I have bagged more than 15 publications in the reputed scientific international refereed journals and a number of manuscripts has also been communicated or under preparations. Currently, I am engaged in the research on the synthesis of functional coordination polymer (1D/2D/3D) by exploiting the dicarboxylate (malonate/succinate/glutarate etc) or monodented N, N donor (pyridine and its derivative) as coligand. Some neutral bridging ligands (4,4′ bipyridine, pyrazine etc) are also used in combination with dicarboxylate acid salt, pseudo halogens in different metal system (Cu(II),Ni(II),Mn(II),Co(II), Cd(II),Zn(II) etc.). I have synthesized a number of novel 1D, 2D and 3D coordination or supramolecular architecture of metal using different organic and inorganic spacers. It is the bridging organic ligands that allow the large diversity in the topologies and possible properties of the metal-organic coordination networks. Sometimes these coordination polymers are self assembled from metal ions or cluster that are linked to each metal by organic linking molecules to generate infinite framework structure. The effect of weak interaction on the crystal packing of such complexes is the central theme of my research interest. In summary, currently I have a sound experience in designing and synthesizing coordination polymer.



Three-dimensional robust porous coordination polymer with Schiff base site on the pore  wall: synthesis, single-crystal-to-single-crystal reversibility, and selective CO2 adsorption

Rajdip Dey, RiteshHaldar, Tapas Kumar Maji and DebajyotiGhoshal

Cryst. Growth & Des., 11 (2011) 3905-3911

2. Syntheses and characterization of two supramolecular self assembledMn(II) compounds using trans 4,4′- azobispyridine as a bridging ligand: Effect of π-π interactions in the formation of a solid-state structure

Rajdip Dey and DebajyotiGhoshal

Polyhedron, 34 (2012) 24-30

3. Syntheses, characterizations and biophysical studies of Cu(II) diphenyl

phosphate complexes: Effect of co-ligands on their biological properties

Rajdip Dey, Debalina Bhattacharya, ParimalKarmakar and DebajyotiGhoshal

Polyhedron, 48 (2012) 157-166

4. Fabrication of metal-organic hybrid architectures using bridging diphenyl phosphate: syntheses, characterization, magnetic properties and the effect of weak interactions on their crystal packing

Rajdip Dey, Biswajit Bhattacharya, Enrique Colacio and DebajyotiGhoshal

Dalton Transactions, 42 (2013) 2094-2106

5. Four 3D Cd(II)-based Metal Organic Hybrids with Different N,N′-Donor Spacers: Syntheses, Characterizations and Selective Gas Adsorption Properties

Biswajit Bhattacharya, Rajdip Dey,PradipPachfule, Rahul Banerjee and DebajyotiGhoshal

Cryst. Growth & Des., 13 (2013)731-739

6. A novel approach for highly regio- and stereoselective synthesis of (Z)-3-methyleneisoindoline-1-ones in aqueous micellar medium

Swarbhanu Sarkar, Samrat Dutta, Rajdip Dey and SubhenduNaskar

Tetrahedron Letters, 53 (2012) 6789-6792

7. Synthesis, crystal structure and photo luminescent property of a 3D metal-organic hybrid of Cd(II) constructed by two different bridging carboxylate

Biswajit Bhattacharya, Rajdip Deyand DebajyotiGhoshal

Journal of Chemical Sciences, 125 (2013) 661-666

8. Formation of three new metal organic hybrids of Cd(II) with N, N′ donor spacer: An insitu perchlorate to chloride transformation

Biswajit Bhattacharya, Rajdip Dey, Dilip Kumar Maityand DebajyotiGhoshal

CrystEngComm. 15 (2013)9457-9464

9. Porous coordination polymers based onfunctionalized Schiff base linkers: Enhanced CO2uptake by pore surface modification

Biswajit Bhattacharya, RiteshHaldar,Rajdip Dey,Tapas Kumar Maji and DebajyotiGhoshal

Dalton Transactions. 43 (2014) 2272-2282

10. Flexible dicarboxylate based pillar-layer metal organic frameworks: Differences in structure and porosity by tuning the pyridyl based N, N′ linkers

Rajdip Dey, Biswajit Bhattacharya, PradipPachfule,Rahul Banerjee and DebajyotiGhoshal

CrystEngComm. 16 (2014) 2305-2316

11. Syntheses, X-ray structures, gas adsorption and luminescent properties of three coordination polymers of Zn(II) dicarboxylates mixed with a linear, neutral, and rigid N,N′-donor ligand

Biswajit Bhattacharya, Dilip Kumar Maity, Rajdip Dey and DebajyotiGhoshal.

CrystEngComm17 (2015) 4783-4795

12. Fabrication of two supramolecular self-assemblies of Mn(II)-dicarboxylates with trans-4,4′-azobispyridine: Analysis of H-bonding interactions with Hirshfeld surfaces and DFT calculations

Rajdip Dey, Biswajit Bhattacharya, PallabMondal, RajarshiMondaland DebajyotiGhoshal

Journal of Molecular Structure 1067 (2014) 64 -73

13. X-ray crystal structure of a Cu(II) complex with the antiparasiticdrug tinidazole, interaction with calf thymus DNA and evidence forantibacterial activity

Ramesh Chandra Santra, KushalSengupta, Rajdip Dey, Tahsina Shireen,

Piyal Das, ParthaSarathiGuin, KasturiMukhopadhyay and Saurabh Das

Journal of Coordination Chemistry 67 (2014) 265-285

14. Reversible Phase Transformation in Three Dynamic Mixed Ligand Metal–Organic Frameworks: Synthesis, Structure and Sorption Study

ArijitHalder, Biswajit Bhattacharya, Rajdip Dey, Dilip Kumar Maityand DebajyotiGhoshal

Cryst. Growth & Des., 16(2016) 4783-4792

15. Fabrication of New MOFs via Rational Design of the Organic Building Block

Rajdip Dey and Susan A. Bourne

ActaCryst A. A72 (2016) s375



Various topics of Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry, both in undergraduate as well as in postgraduate level.

Mostly covered areas are: Periodic properties, Chemical bonding, Inorganic Polymers, Chemistry of Group 13 and Group 17 elements, Thermal methods of analysis Basic and advance level course of Supramolecular chemistry, Atomic & Molecular Structure. Also the Organic Nomenclature, Hybridization, Shapes of molecules, Stereochemistry, Organic reactions and synthesis of a drug molecule, Spectroscopic techniques and applications etc. and Intermolecular forces and potential energy surfaces, Use of free energy in chemical equilibria of Physical chemistry. Also have sound experience of teaching in Analytical Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry.


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  • The privilege of serving institute as an Academic Coordinator of 1st year B.Tech in Food Technology [Session: 2017-2018], Civil Engineering [Session: 2018-2019] and 2nd year Sc (H) Chemistry [Session: 2019-2020].
  • As a Lab In-charge: Additional responsibility of all Chemistry Under Graduate and Post Graduate experimental laboratory [Session: 2019-2020].
  • Involved in NBA of AICTE, as a core committee member from the Basic Science department [Session: 2017-2018].
  • Works as a committee member to complete the self-study report (SSR), evaluative report of the Chemical Science department and extended profile of the University for NAAC accreditation.